Frequently Asked Questions

When did American Academy of Pinecrest start?

In 1971, American Academy of Pinecrest opened as a neighborhood school in the Southwest section of Miami, Florida. The home study program was introduced in 1976 and has earned an excellent reputation.

Is the American Academy of Pinecrest diploma accepted in all states?

Yes, American Academy of Pinecrest is fully accredited nationally and you are entitled to use your American Academy of Pinecrest Diploma in any and all 50 states. We strongly suggest that you contact the college/ university/institute to verify acceptance of our high school diploma.

I left high school before the tenth grade, can I enroll in American Academy of Pinecrest?

All applications will be considered for enrollment regardless of the last grade completed - even if you've never attended high school before.

Is the American Academy of Pinecrest a high school GED?

No. American Academy of Pinecrest awards a fully accredited, private high school diploma. We strongly suggest that you contact the college/ university/ institute to verify acceptance of our high school diploma.

What is the American Academy of Pinecrest, high school program like?

You study in your home, independently, at your own speed. And there are no classes, no deadlines, and no pressure from classmates. It is the policy of American Academy of Pinecrest that a student cannot be dropped from the program for academic reasons. That's why we describe our program as "Failure-Proof".

What courses are required to graduate with a high school diploma from home?

American Academy of Pinecrest has the same basic required subjects as other private schools or public high schools. Transfer credits and your credit for experience will determine which courses and how many you take.

How long will it take to earn my high school diploma?

With American Academy of Pinecrest's accelerated high school diploma program, you can earn a fully accredited high school diploma in just 6 weeks.

How do I receive my high school diploma?

Your diploma is showcased in a beautiful display folder engraved with the American Academy of Pinecrest emblem. It is sent to you immediately upon receipt of your final payment and completion of your studies. Allow 2 weeks for delivery.